Why Choose Us

There are other places you could go for an abortion – maybe even some less expensive or closer to home but you should consider the following when making your choice:

1) We were the first abortion clinic established in Hampton Roads and have been providing abortions for over 28 years.

2) We are a member of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers and the National Abortion Federation. The National Abortion Federation sets standards of care which must be met by its’ members. This ensures you, the patient, will receive the best quality medical care available.

3) Our doctors are board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. They are compassionate physicians with many years of experience performing abortions. Our medical staff is fully licensed.

4) We provide 24 hour emergency care. Our medical staff is available around the clock should you have a question or concern.

5) We have state of the art security for your safety and comfort.

6) We are the only clinic that accepts third party payment (insurance). We are contracted with most insurance companies and HMO’s. We receive many referrals from local physicians.

7) We provide an environment of strict confidentiality.

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